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Efficient VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses in Melbourne

Tech Seek is your trusted provider of advanced VoIP phone solutions tailored to meet the communication needs of small businesses in Melbourne. Embrace the power of modern voice technology with our feature-rich and cost-effective VoIP phone systems, designed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and customer interactions.

Our experienced team ensures a smooth and hassle-free implementation of VoIP phone systems for your small business. We handle all the technical aspects, from system setup to user configuration, making the transition to VoIP seamless and minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Experience the future of business communication with VoIP phone solutions in Melbourne. Enhance your small business’s connectivity, collaboration, and customer interactions with our feature-rich and cost-effective VoIP systems.

We’re now offering VoIP Phone Solutions!

With the growing number of businesses now wanting to have staff working remotely, there’s become a need for VoIP phone solutions.

Without VoIP, if a staff member is working at home and wants to call a client, they’d have to call using their mobile.

Without VoIP, if a client rings your main line and wants to be transferred to a staff member who’s working remotely – there’s no way to do this.

A VoIP solution allows all staff to be connected remotely to your phone system, meaning that;

A staff member can call a client from their mobile (using our 3cx softphone app) and it will display the incoming number as your office number instead of their mobile.

A receptionist (or anyone answering the call from the office) can transfer a call to a remote staff member.

Staff can call one-another by just selecting that staff member’s extension.

All they need is a wifi connection when working remotely or they can also use their 4G/5G internet connection that’s already part of their mobile phone plan.

Enhancing Efficiency with IVR and Softphones

Utilizing IVR and Softphones for Seamless Connectivity

To make things even more efficient, an IVR can be setup!

An IVR is what you hear when you call a company’s landline and are prompted to “press 1 for accounts, press 2 for sales, press 3 to speak to HR” for example.

These options can be programmed from our end to allow those options to route directly to an extension/staff member.

So rather than having to leave a message with reception to speak to “Carol in Accounts”, you can press 1 and “Carol’s” phone will ring. “Carol” can even setup voicemail to email so that any messages that are left on her extension will be emailed to her!

Do I need to buy handsets for each person?

Definitely not, they need an extension, but they can use a softphone like we do – this is an app that  you install on your iPhone or Android smartphone and it allows you to dial out and receive calls tied to the company.


So what's the costs involved?

Costs are not based on extensions, but rather SIP lines – meaning you can have 20 extensions but may find that only 5 staff need to be using the lines to make or receive a call at the same time – in this case you only need 5 SIP lines.

Each SIP Line costs $49.95 and allows you to make unlimited calls to landlines and mobile.

With us for example, we need 4 Sip Lines, because our techs are always either making or receiving a call at the same time – so our monthly cost will be $149.85 3CX licensing and hosting (currently $99.90 per month).

We’ve done extensive research into a carriage services who are recommended and compatible with the 3CX system and who are based in Melbourne so that we can have phone access to a support engineer should we ever have issues with our client’s phone lines.

There are many overseas carriers who can provide this service (and may be cheaper), however with no phone support and us having to rely on logging a ticket with them, we not wanted to offer this service to our clients as they delays in resolving issues can impact your business and ours.

Are there any other costs involved? There’s a small fee of $2.20 per month for every landline number you bring across to use to use with your VoIP solution – most companies will only need to bring across their main phone number. Staff extensions are virtual and therefore don’t need to have a landline number tied to each one.

What Makes Us Different


Our staff are employed in-house and full-time, to keep your company data and passwords in safe hands.


We come out to you. There's no need to wait on the phone or for an email response if it's urgent.


Dont need us each month? Any hours you didn't utilise will roll over for a period of 12 months.


No on-boarding fees and no long-term contracts.

Flexible and Affordable 3CX Hosting

We host your 3CX system via Amazon Web Services and the cost of hosting, plus the 3CX license is $50 ex per month.

So in our case, we pay for 3 sip lines, our inbound number, our 3cx license and our hosting, bringing our total monthly spend to $187 per month.

If you’re wanting a desk phone, then we can quote up on which model you’re after, however most of our clients use an app on their phone or via the web browser app that you can access from your PC or Mac.

Oh, oh wait! I forgot to mention!!!

There’s no lock in contracts! You can increase or decrease the number of SIP lines you need. We just need 30 days notice 🙂


We currently have 3 full time techs.

We’re open from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.

We look after businesses with 2 to 80 staff.

We currently offer support for businesses operating in Melbourne’s inner north and west.

We offer remote support for any business owners who are outside of Melbourne.

We support both PCs and Macs.

No, we don’t have lock in contracts.

Our support hours can be rolled over if unused.

No, all of our techs are employed in-house.

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