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  • Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing IT Management for Small Businesses  

    November 8, 2022

    For small businesses, finding the technical resources to remain competitive is crucial to success. That’s why many have turned to outsourcing their IT management. The claim that every company is a technology company has never been more accurate. Today’s customers are digital-first consumers. Competitors are leveraging technology to meet customer expectations.

    In this guide:

    • Outsourcing IT Management – Some Reasons Why
    • IT Services To Consider Outsourcing
    • IT Technical Support – Local and On Demand
    • Zero Hassle Equipment Repair and Replacement
    • Virus Protection Baked In
    • Network Setup Without The Frustration
    • Migration Services With Data Continuity
    • Making Outsourced Small Business IT Services Affordable
    • Outsourcing IT Management to Tech Seek
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    Technical resources are in short supply. The National Skills Commission added another ten IT job categories to the list of occupations suffering from skill shortages. These IT labour shortages make it difficult for smaller businesses to attract and retain technical talent, with few companies having the resources for an in-house IT department.

    Small businesses often rely on “tech-savvy” employees to keep a network running. Sometimes, they contact a knowledgeable friend for help. If these “free” resources can’t resolve the problem, business owners may contact a managed IT services provider (MSP) who can step in and help. These emergencies can prove costly.

    Outsourcing IT management services to MSPs can resolve issues caused by a lack of in-house IT professionals. MSPs can provide knowledgeable resources to troubleshoot problems quickly. They deliver various technical services remotely or at a client’s location, depending on the signed service-level agreement.

    Outsourcing IT Management – Some Reasons Why

    Technology is tightly woven into business operations. Without a comprehensive view of their infrastructure, businesses cannot evaluate their operational competencies or plan for expansion. For example, a server keeps reporting errors regarding space allocations until it stops working. The tech-savvy employee removes files, and the system starts running.

    That works for a while before it happens again, and the process repeats. With an IT service provider, the server would be monitored, and its limited storage would be identified. Using proactive system maintenance procedures, the IT company would evaluate systems resources and recommend replacing the older server.

    Instead of waiting until the system fails, the outsourced IT team would schedule the upgrade after hours to minimise unexpected downtime. A recent European study found that the average business suffers a minimum of 14 hours of downtime per year, resulting in a 37% loss in revenue during the outage. For small businesses, the downtime cost ranged between AU$125,000 and AU$400,000 per incident.

    Not only can outsourcing providers reduce downtime because of system failures, but they can also minimise disruptions through disaster recovery plans, cybersecurity support, and network configuration. Let’s take a closer look at what an outsourcing partner can provide.

    IT Services To Consider Outsourcing

    An IT service provider can operate as an extension of an internal IT department, or it can deliver a complete suite of IT services for businesses without an IT team. Among the services an IT on-shore service provider offers are the following:

    A small business can select some or all of the offered services, no matter its size.

    IT Technical Support – Local and On Demand

    Technology seems to change by the minute, and keeping up with the advances is a full-time job. As a small business owner, you already wear too many hats. There’s no time to become a technology expert.

    Outsourcing IT services lets you and your employee focus on growing the business. IT consultants can help identify the solutions that fit your budget and meet your needs. An external IT team can also monitor a system to ensure hardware and software are operating efficiently and are routinely updated.

    Out-of-date software is a cyberattack waiting to happen. Security patches are often included in software updates to address known vulnerabilities. Finding time to install updates can be challenging if companies want to avoid downtime. MSPs can update software outside of working hours to minimise disruptions.

    Outsourcing IT services for small businesses Melbourne

    Zero Hassle Equipment Repair and Replacement

    Not every business is Windows-based. Some prefer to use Macs. As an illustration of how outsourced IT services can help, our seasoned professionals can repair both personal computers and Macs as part of our IT services.

    As an outsourcing provider, we can troubleshoot PC hardware. We can custom-build a PC or install RAM or a solid-state hard drive. Our technicians will come to your location to help install and configure multi-functional printers. Whether it’s repair or replacement, we have the expertise. If you’re managing IT yourself, you have to find the repair company, and organise the drop off and pick up of the equipment. Not the best use of your time!

    Although Macs are robust computers, problems do arise. Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware failure, we have the in-house expertise to resolve the problem. We’ll help you troubleshoot software glitches or poor performance to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

    Virus Protection Baked In

    No business wants to be a statistic. Yet, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses because they lack strong security defences. An IT support provider can help identify and install anti-virus solutions to improve a system’s security. They can also help remove viruses and malware such as ransomware, Trojan horses, and embedded viruses.

    In environments where industry or government security standards exist, small businesses must ensure their networks meet operations and system requirements for compliance. That includes prompt removal of any malware or viruses. Our internal IT team has cybersecurity specialists to help.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    The best way to fight cyberattacks is to maintain a current system backup. It’s also the best approach to ensure business continuity. As an outsourced company, we can provide backup services for organisations without internal resources to ensure consistent data backups.

    Cyberattacks are not the only reason to maintain data protection. Accidents happen and hardware fails. With the right solutions in place, data recovery is as simple as restoring a data backup. Businesses that take proactive measures and follow best practice standards can ensure business continuity regardless of disruption.

    Outsourced IT management small business melbourne

    Network Setup Without The Frustration

    Very few businesses have the resources or expertise to set up an internal network and connect to the internet with guaranteed operational efficiency. If not performed correctly, an internal network can lower a company’s productivity and impact customer relationships.

    At Tech Seek, we can help install modems, routers, and switches. We ensure network configurations are as secure as possible, limiting access to your wireless network. If you have mobile devices, we can establish secure connections. As your outsourcing partner, we can minimise the frustrations of setting up a wireless network.

    Setting up a network also means controlling access to your company data. Our onsite technicians can help establish controls to prohibit unauthorised access. If compliance standards apply, it’s essential that access control is a primary focus.

    Data management is part of configuring a network. For some companies, a network-attached storage device (NAS) may be a cost-effective way to add data storage to a network. Servers can be expensive to purchase and difficult to maintain.

    Networks need servers regardless of their cost. Having experts design a satisfactory solution for your server configuration can ensure your server is protected against cyberattacks and your data is backed up.

    Migration Services With Data Continuity

    If you’re continuing to use legacy solutions because of migration concerns, we can help. Whether it’s Microsoft 365 or Google Suite, we can migrate your office without disruption to significant business activity. As a small business, migrating to a new platform can be costly as ongoing projects may slow while employees learn a new system.

    Our internal team works with your business to ensure the migration runs smoothly without a communication breakdown. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Migrating to the latest technology can help with improved operations and market reputation as your competitive advantage increases.

    Making Outsourced Small Business IT Services Affordable

    Small businesses may not see outsourcing IT services as financially feasible. They may not see the need for monthly services. Our Total Care Membership program for small businesses lets you manage your information technology services.

    If you’re a small business that relies on technology to retain a competitive advantage, the Total Care Membership may be the perfect solution. For a monthly fee, IT professionals are available to help with troubleshooting, monitoring, and support. Any unused hours roll over.

    A Total Care Membership includes the following services:

    • Establishing network, internet, and wireless connectivity
    • Deploying cybersecurity software
    • Troubleshooting operational issues on PCs and Macs
    • Securing network endpoints
    • Removing unused software
    • Applying updates
    • Setting up and configuring backup solutions
    • Resolving printing and scanning failures on multifunctional printers
    • Recommending hardware or software upgrades for better performance

    For local small businesses, Total Care Membership offers peace of mind. Knowing that your technology is well-managed means focusing on business elements rather than technology.

    Outsourcing IT Management to Tech Seek

    Your company may not be a technology company, but it depends on technology for its success. Having a dedicated IT team isn’t feasible for most small businesses. Operating without access to reliable IT expertise isn’t optional. Working with an outsourcing partner such as Tech Seek can lower stress so that you can run your business. Contact us to set up a free audit of your existing technical infrastructure.