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  • Why You Need IT Support For Your Small Business

    September 6, 2021

    There are many reasons your small business needs help with its IT setup. One of the most crucial factors is that there are many challenges to running a business today, and if you are not prepared for them, the odds of success are slim. Your IT service is often your company’s only way to troubleshoot a technical problem. 

    Keeping Workplace Technology Up To Date

    The first challenge is simply keeping up with all of the technology updates. For example, every piece of software that you’re using needs to be updated so that you are running the current, most secure version. It’s also important that these updates are done correctly or else your company’s systems might not work. Maybe that Windows update is going to be crucial for making another piece of software work. Knowing how your business depends upon your technology is also crucial for your IT service. 

    Workplace Cybersecurity 

    The second challenge is for security. Did you know that there are over 560,000 pieces of malware detected every day? Every four minutes, a company falls victim to ransomware (software that hijacks your machine and  requires you to pay a fee to bypass it as part of a scam). Even the router in your office can be subject to a malware attack. In fact, 75% of malware attacks originate with a company’s router, leading to infections of other devices and systems. 

    Software and Hardware

    The third challenge is making sure that everyone in your organization has the tools they need to do their job. This includes hardware and software. One of the ways that your IT team can help you is to make sure that software licenses are distributed accordingly within your organization. Standard programs, like Microsoft Office and word processing software, can be handled by getting your organization into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workplace. Other software packages can be bought in bulk licenses and set up on the appropriate workplace devices. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is making sure your team has the hardware to do the job. Research indicates that the most essential function of computer hardware is for communicating with customers via email. Another essential function includes preparing reports through programs such as Excel. Other employees might use their hardware for Internet marketing, research, and other functions that are vital to the company. 

    Work With Your Trusted IT Support Team In Melbourne

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