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  • What’s a NAS you ask?

    December 20, 2020

    A NAS or Network Accesss Storage drive is basically a hard drive that be accessed from your network.

    NAS drives also have their own operating system which means you can setup permissions to manage access restrictions of each share folder.

    NAS drives also have their own “apps store” which allows you to expand their functionality such as providing remote access or scheduling backups.

    Cloud storage services such as DropBox or Google Drive are a great replacement for a file server but if your working with very large files that need to be accessed by multiple staff it can be very painful.

    Graphics designers, engineers and architects will greatly benefit from a NAS but it’s also important to choose one that suits your business size.

    The two most popular brands on the market are Synology and QNAP.

    Synology even has a questionnaire that will determine which model will suit you best based on number of users, size of storage required and type of redundancy.