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  • What can you do to safeguard your company from cyber attacks?

    December 20, 2020

    Start off by educating your staff about how to become better aware of phishing emails.

    Here’s some great examples below…


    Have a backup in place – both cloud based and onto an external hard drive.

    No..Google Drive and Dropbox are cloud storage solutions not cloud backup.

    No..Leaving your backup drive connected always is not a good idea. Keep it stored away until your next planned backup day.

    Upgrade your operating systems to Windows 10 so that you’re able to receive updates and patches to ensure your operating system is not vulnerable.

    Install Internet Security / Anti-Virus.

    No…the free version is not enough as it will have limited security features.

    Apply 2 Factor Authentication to any cloud based application if available.

    Yes..i know it’s annoying but so is getting hacked and losing your data because you’ve used the same password for everything else!

    Ensure every device on your network has adequate protection as it only takes one vulnerable device with access to shared files to do damage.

    Have a strong password in place for your website’s cPanel, FTP and WordPress logins.

    Do you comply with your cyber insurance requirements?

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