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  • What are some of the common issues we find during our initial audit of new clients?

    December 20, 2020


    Expired, incorrect or no antivirus software installed.

    It doesn’t matter if your computer has better protection than the others – it takes one unprotected device to potentially take down your business.


    As mentioned in our previous video.

    No backup in place, no recovery plan or no knowledge when it comes to whether your backups are actually successful.


    Inconsistent setup of email – some on POP, some IMAP and none being backed up of course!

    Having a domain name registered but no accounts setup using the domain name.

    Having your email hosted with Google Apps but still issuing it via Outlook as IMAP – so missing out on syncing your contacts and appointments – which is the whole reason you use it.

    Having an Office365 subscription with the option to also upgrade to a license (for just $10 more per month) that includes the entire Office 2016 suite – but buying a copy from Office Works instead!

    Cloud Storage:

    Settings up Google Drive or Dropbox but not actually working out of it so that your files are accessible from all devices!

    Getting all staff to sign in using the one user account to save on stage costs!