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  • We just saved our client $15,000!

    December 20, 2020

    Why so much you ask?

    Because this is how much they were told they “needed” to spend!

    Like many small business owners, they decided to get support from an external IT support provider in order to spend less time on trying to fix them on their own (instead of focusing on the business).

    We were called in to discuss our support membership and to provide a quote for them to compare to their previous quotes.

    The only thing was, they didn’t need any of it!

    Their server (although not a conventional server) was more than capable of handling their requirements and they had never complained about it’s performance.

    The main software they use gives recommend requirements, but the first question I asked was “are you happy with the way it’s running now?”

    All they needed was a better backup solution and a UPS to protect their server when the power went out as this was a common issue.

    We’re also going to move them to Office365 as they are wanting to ensure their emails and calendar are accessible from their phones. No worries!

    And their PCs? They were still new!

    They were told to replace ALL of them in addition to a new server!

    Once again… “Are you happy with the performance?”

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