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The technology we use has come a long way since the time of telegrams and abacuses. Now, the whole of everything we know and understand can sit comfortably in our pocket. It is as light as a few pounds but can hold terabytes of data. Microsoft has been one of the major players when it comes to these innovations but it can be hard to keep up with everything they are making, which is why it’s best to do some research to maximize the use of Microsoft 365.

This is one of the main reasons why TechSeek is here to help. We have professionals on stand-by to ensure you have a complete understanding of Information Technology (IT), as well as other services meant to ease your personal, social and work lives. Consider contacting us with any questions you may have or if you want to use our services.

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft 365 is the newest version of Microsoft’s bundle of powerful softwares people can use to better their life. Before this edition, people were able to use differing applications but they weren’t connected together. This is what makes this iteration stand out, cloud computing and live changes. Everything is collected in a storage system meant to be accessible no matter where you are.

No longer do you have to find your laptop or desktop to work on a file because it’s all safely filed away in an external location. In addition to all of this, there are varying services you can utilize to enhance your previously outdated procedures. However, understanding the history of this company will explain the importance and impact they have created for our society.

History of Microsoft

Today, Microsoft is one of the big five technology companies in the world, which includes Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Meta. They have created a line of different products and services; computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and others. You might know these items as the popular Microsoft Word many students utilize to do their homework with or the prominent Xbox series people regularly play. Xbox is actually a major player in the video game sector and regularly brings in millions of dollars because of how entertaining the stories they create. There is also the creation of:

Microsoft is also known for buying up-and-coming companies to increase their range of uses. They bought Linkedin for billions of dollars and Skype for an almost equal amount of money. However, the reason this company has become one of the biggest groups in the field is because of their strong creations.

It all started in 1975 with Bill Gates and Paul Allen where they created a program capable of interpreting Altair 8800. After this, in 1981, they bought a software system and made improvements to it, which is now known as MS-DOS. It was incredibly simple, not even being able to use a mouse to click things; only a keyboard to type out requests and solutions. However, it didn’t take long for them to assemble a plethora of programs in November of 1990;

Year after year the company would upgrade these popular services. They would venture out to different fields of the technology market, though. In 1993, a landmark program was released tying all of the personal computers (PCs) together and made it simpler to communicate. This slight branch would go on to create one of the original web browsers, Internet Explorer. By 1996, this momentous program would be bundled with other hardware being sold; making it the most popular browser at the time and it was free to use.

2010 is when all of these inventions were usable for smartphones and other devices, though. Cloud computing only enhanced this behavior, which is where we stand today. Now, you can be on the subway and write a report on your phone or you can go to a coffee shop to create a presentation for your team to follow during the next meeting. Despite the advancements made, all of these programmes can be quite overwhelming when given to untrained users, which is why TechSeek exists.

How Can TechSeek Help?

Running a small business can be quite hard if you have no one to assist you nor have the knowledge on every system you need to implement. TechSeek wants to be the professionals you turn to for assistance when it comes to computer and IT work. We have a deep knowledge about what it means to run these programmes successfully and easily.

We will support you with any kind of technological problem so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with Microsoft. You will be able to backup all of your data to ensure nothing is accidentally deleted and will remove any harmful viruses and/or malwares so no one steals any of your information. There is a plethora of dangerous firmware out there making the owner’s life difficult and people running a business have too much on their plate to see what is the next problematic coding out there.

We have the skills to ensure you are constantly protected but if something does get through the shields we put up, we have the ability to repair them. We can even perform an audit to examine every little aspect of your computer. However, our biggest feat is being able to migrate all of your information to Microsoft 365 in a seamless manner. You will be able to utilize Microsoft 365 to its fullest potential, which is why you should reach out to us if you have any questions on how to start this process.

Features Of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the newest iteration of Microsoft’s package bundle of different applications. It enables you to engage in various features. For instance, email is righteously simpler to use than before. One positive benefit is being able to send attachments through email without needing to actually send the full file. Just send them a link to the docket and they will be able to access the document from your cloud.

Another positive aspect is being able to declutter all of your mail. You can make sure you only see high-priority messages and push the spammy or unnecessary ones into a “clutter” folder. No longer do you have to spend hours trying to determine if what you are looking at is actually useful or not. You also have as much as 50GB of storage for various tasks:

Not a lot of hardware has enough memory, which is why Microsoft is providing you with this much room to organize your most important duties. However, you can delete any unnecessary or outdated work within seconds since the programming keeps everything organized for easy access.

Additionally, you will be able to convert any notes or emails into tasks for your calendar. You can then assign them to coworkers as reminders or deadlines; guaranteeing everyone involved is in the know about every aspect of the project. Despite all of this, there are still major applications you should be aware of when it comes to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams Benefits

There is an abundance of work-appropriate apps people can use, which is why it’s hard to determine who is the best for you and your business. You can go with popular Slack or socially engaging Discord but Microsoft Teams is one of the most intuitive versions out there. It can be used for personal reasons, business settings and to engage in an educational environment.

You will be able to have one-on-one chats with your colleagues or teammates but can also engage in group conversations with other users. It doesn’t just encapsulate text, either; you can send emojis, pictures and gifs to make it more exciting for everyone involved. You can also create tailored channels so people in separate departments can discuss topics pertaining to specific activities. For instance, people in marketing will be able to talk to other marketers without flooding the general channel with irrelevant information.

You can even make phone calls through this service so you don’t need to share your phone number if you don’t want to. This prevents calls from happening after-hours or when you are busy with other errands. You can even have engaging conversations with your teacher to see why an assignment wasn’t to their liking and what you can do to make it better. They will be able to send you your grades and papers without needing to go through the many loops academia forces onto users. This chat-based workspace will fully integrate everything you need into a single platform.

What Is Microsoft Forms?

Creating your own survey is possible but it can be taxing to identify the best kind of questions to ask. Most people will just enroll into a website specializing in this kind of service. There are actually a good number of websites doing this:

But, if you need another reason to obtain Microsoft 365 then you should consider looking into Microsoft Forms. Not only do you get all of these other suites to work with for an affordable price but you can make customized forms, quizzes and surveys.

Most of the people who will benefit from this are institutions of academia since many students need to create surveys for their classes but teachers can utilize them to see how people are handling their classes. The feedback being given to you will allow you to finetune your curriculum without worrying if it’s the right thing needing changing. However, other fields of work will also benefit. Marketers can locate the best audiences to work with, political consultants can gauge what is important to constituents and/or researchers can figure out the root cause for a problem.

You will be able to create tailored questions for any person and set a timeline for how long the form will be active. The application will even illustrate all of the data collected into graphs and charts. This way, readers can see what is put in front of them without struggling to interpret the massive amounts of information being given. You can even share the answers with peers through Microsoft Teams to ensure only the right people are aware of the content.

Microsoft Word Features

Microsoft Word has been one of the original applications within Microsoft since its creation decades ago. It has remained as one of the most powerful and popular tools people use in all industries. Students can write their papers with ease and edit them as they please. Being able to change the font, the tables being used, the way you read research and so on is why it is a staple for professors. However, many educators enjoy this program because it can easily cite references and sources. You don’t need to go to a bunch of different websites to figure out the layout for MLA, APA or Chicago Business because it will all be in one category.

If you want to draw something out for people to visualize then you will be able to. You can decide the size of the tip, what style you want to draw in and even create calligraphy for math equations. This is especially highlighted for people with touch screen laptops, which is why many people are using tablets more frequently to do their work.

Although, one of the newest features you can utilize is the ability to edit any kind of PDF you upload. You will be able to change the writing involved or make corrections on improper data without facing the formatting issues other programs have complaints about. It doesn’t matter what language the document is in, either. Microsoft Word will translate the writing into any tongue you desire. You can go from English to Mandarin to Italian to Portuguese and don’t ever have to leave the service. There is a reason Microsoft Word is as popular as it is and you shouldn’t shy away from using it.

What Is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a newer suite within Microsoft 365 and it’s quickly becoming a popular feature to use within many organizations. It is a secure video sharing platform being enabled by Azure Active Directory to protect any sensitive content you might be giving to coworkers or employers. You don’t have to worry about leaks because you will be able to distinguish those who watch it, comment, share or download it.

It’s also a great resource for people teaching classes or holding presentations. You will be able to easily send students resources without the chance of something going awry. Creating specific channels and groups will also allow you to engage with the right people and avoid sending unnecessary content to individuals who don’t want them. As long as you have Microsoft downloaded on a device, you will be able to access everything within this application.

Be Professional With Microsoft Sway!

If you have ever used Microsoft then you are probably aware of PowerPoint. PowerPoint is used to make presentations but it’s not as intuitive as many would prefer. This is why you should be happy you have access to Sway when you are in possession of Microsoft 365. It is a professional storytelling software allowing you to create interactive and enticing canvases for people to devour during meetings, classes, expos and discussions.

This built-in engine can actually create more than presentations, too. You will be able to form high-quality reports, web pages and newsletters, without having to scour the internet for assistance. You will be able to input all kinds of files in your content, too, such as text, images, videos, and charts. You can even pull subject matter from any form of social media; Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and more. It’s meant to be easy to ensure people are satisfied with what they are being presented. However, if you don’t know what to do then you should consider using the “Remix” button. It will automatically choose the best fonts, themes, and formatting in a way it believes you would be happy with.

Being interactive is the biggest draw for consumers, though. You will fully engage your audience so they don’t feel like someone is talking at them and not with them. Additionally, you have the power to share it with anyone who wants to see what you’ve made. As a matter of fact, they don’t need to have Microsoft’s Sway. Just send them the link and check mark them for permission. If you want to stop making it accessible then you can just change the privacy settings. Highlight your work over others with this flawless program.

Microsoft Excel Features

Microsoft Excel is another powerful application within the sphere of programs available from this package and it is one of the original ones Bill Gates and Paul Allen made all those decades ago. It is primarily used to keep track of data but it can do so much more than just be a place to input numbers.

For instance, you can filter out any duplicates or info not relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. You can decide what is needed based on a specified criteria, which can be anything above or below a range, or those using a specific formula. Yes, formulas. You can do simple and advanced calculations within milliseconds to ease any kind of data analytic problems you are dealing with.

As a matter of fact, understanding the trends happening across a row of data is known as sparklining. This is a simple visualization showing how things progress over a tailored period of time. This will ease the amount of information you are dealing with so you don’t feel dazed reading it all. You can then organize each set of numbers into different sheets. Sheets are different pages on Excel and will categorize what you want accordingly.

However, one of the newest and coolest features of Excel is known as Power Mapping. This interactive data visualization element will allow you to see everything on a 3D level. To accomplish this, it follows three filters; list, range or advanced. Altogether, Excel is something people regularly underestimate but it is an amazingly powerful application.

How Does OneDrive Work?

In the modern world, cloud computing is necessary to anyone who works with digital creation. OneDrive allows anyone with the registered Microsoft account access to the files within it. It doesn’t matter if you used it while you were offline, it will update the documents to the newest version as soon as you get in reach of an internet connection. Every single device will receive these updates so you don’t have to worry about using outdated work.

You will also be able to share these documents with anyone who has the link. However, you should double-check what kind of privileges they possess so you don’t accidentally allow them to edit your content without your permission. One important note, though, you might need to pay more money if you want more storage space than normal. If you plan on uploading a lot of files from a department of various people then the business option should be used since this allows up to 1TB of memory. Regardless, the cloud will hold everything you want and will be accessible from all devices using OneDrive.

Platforms Working With Microsoft Office 365

There is a misconstrued idea that only Windows devices can use Microsoft 365 but this isn’t true. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or Apple, you will be able to utilize this software. You can be a business, educational establishment, government agency or a solo person needing this programme and would still be able to use it without problems forming. As long as you have the space, you can incorporate this program into your life. However, if you need help then you should consider getting in contact with TechSeek.

Contact TechSeek For Microsoft 365 Support Today!

TechSeek is here to help you with all of your computer and IT problems, which is why we recommend reaching out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We will be able to set you up with your internet connection, repair any damage done to your device, migrate all documents to Microsoft 365 and/or remove any malware or virus. There is nothing our team of professionals can’t do, which is how we’ve been able to satisfy people from all walks of life. Contact us if you want to learn more about what we do or to start using our services.