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  • Software Licensing Within An Organization

    September 1, 2021

    Doesn’t matter if your business is a one man show or as big as a country’s Olympic team. You will require different software on your computer system for you to run a successful business. Chances are that you will need multiple software installed to do the various tasks in your day-to-day handling. It can range from the basic Microsoft 365 to accounting software like Xero. Each software you install, you enter into a licensing agreement.

    What Is A Software License Agreement?

    This license agreement is a bonafide legal contract that you agree on when and how this software can be used. Included in the agreement is:

    The name of the software

    The software itself

    The distribution rights

    The copyright

    And then the most crucial part, the IP rights

    Why is IP rights the most important part? To stop others from stealing any piece of the software to create their own financial gain.

    Except for the apparent risks your company can face when breaking the agreement, there are more striking risks such as:

    Unfavourable legal positions

    Unplanned sped due to non-compliance

    Data security violations

    Employee liabilities

    Software License Management

    The best way to mitigate these risks is with a Software license management program. It will track and manage the software deployment and software licensing over your whole business. It will ensure that your business is legally compliant using the software on cloud environments, mobile, and on-premises. This task is very robust and intense, especially if it’s expected from you to still grow your business. IT support is advisable as part of the services they offer the SLM program.

    Software Asset Management

    Just like a PB&J sandwich, you can’t have one without the other. Thus you cannot have an SLM program without a software asset management program, and they must be closely aligned. An SLM’s primary focus is to ensure that you are not under or over licensed. SAM drills down and looks at a solution overall. This includes:

    Savings – will provide insight to lower license costs and time-saving

    Compliance – controls risks, cost and complexity with effective transparency

    Optimization – get the full value of with your license has to offer by knowing how to use them and what they offer

    SAM is an effective business strategy that you can use to reclaim budget and optimize savings. This is accomplished by controlling and automating:



    Deployment of software licenses

    How Will TechSeek Help You

    TechSeek’s Business Class Membership offers a plethora of services. Amongst those services are:

    Updating, installing and uninstalling of software

    Setting up software and access from Microsoft Office to any other internal software you might need

    Ensuring that your security software is robustly configured within your business

    The more your business moves software to use over from on-premises to cloud, the more critical and complete license management becomes. Software license management and software asset management will make the transition more fluid. They will keep your business ready for any audits and license model changes that may arise.