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  • Small Business IT Support Checklist

    May 27, 2021

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to fully manage your business’s IT needs? TechSeek has got you covered. When we onboard you as a client as part of our business-class service, we take care of all of your IT needs. Let’s take a look at how we help your business.


    Software, by and far, are some of your most valuable assets. It’s easy to install software on a machine, but forgetting about the licenses can be problematic. When you work with a small business IT support company like TechSeek, we make sure that all your licenses are tracked and can help you optimize licensing costs across the board. Here is how we help you with all of your software needs:

    • We can help you select, install, and customize software that is relevant for your business.
    • We can assist your individual employees with the installation and maintenance of their licenses.
    • We can also assist you with any mobile devices for your employees that require software, too.


    Viruses and malware are a huge problem for small businesses. In fact, there are more than 350,000 new viruses or malware discovered every day, and in some countries, like the United States, this costs businesses around $50 billion per year. For small businesses without security coverage, this can be devastating. A virus could take your business’s computers down for a day or more and be detrimental to your employee’s productivity. If you are part of TechSeek’s business class membership, we’ll help you:

    • Install the right virus and malware protection on all of your company’s machines.
    • Make sure that you have two-factor authentication set up when appropriate for your team members.
    • We also make sure that you have best password practices in place.
    • If you require it, we can also set up secure WiFi at your physical business location and make sure that you have a disaster recovery set up for all of your network and hardware.

    Hardware and Network

    Setting up your network and hardware and troubleshooting it when problems arise is another thing that we can help you with. As you grow your business, it is easy to buy new equipment as you need it, but making sure that it is set up correctly can be a challenge. Small businesses often purchase equipment that is not suitable for their particular workplace environment. If you work with TechSeek, and need to get new equipment here is how we can help you grow. We will make sure that:

    • Any new and existing equipment are compatible across your company.
    • We’ll make sure that your equipment and network are set up correctly.
    • We’ll make sure that your operating system is standardized to make troubleshooting and maintenance easier.
    • We’ll also make sure that drivers are installed uniformly across your machines so that they are all working properly.

    Work With Melbourne’s Best Small Business IT Support Company

    If you are looking for world-class support for your small business, consider our Business Class Membership for your small business.