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  • Optimizing Software Licenses Within Your Organization

    June 30, 2021

    In a recent survey, 52% of small business owners felt like they spent too much on software for their business, 22% felt like they were spending too much, and 44% felt like they were spending just the right amount. If you are a small business owner that spends any amount of money on software to keep your business running, it might not be a bad idea to look at how you can optimize software licensing within your organization.

    Make a List of All the Software Used In Your Business

    Some programs you need for your business on a daily or weekly business. Others you might only use a few times per year. This method of listing all your programs will help you buy software when it is needed for your business and there might be discounts available. You will also be able to keep track of programs that you might not necessarily need to purchase in a budget crunch. Make a list of all the people in your company that need access to a license and you will also avoid purchasing additional licenses that you do not need.

    Look for Software That Has Volume Licensing

    Many software providers have software available at a lower price when you purchase more than one license. The more licenses you have the smaller the price. You might want to consider this option if you need more than one license of a particular type of software product. Another option is to consider working with a small business IT organization, like TechSeek, that has the ability to license software for members within your business. Sometimes, you can negoiate pricing if you are purchasing licenses for software, too.

    Does the Software You Need Come In a Suite?

    Sometimes, you may be able to combine multiple software licenses into one by purchasing something that comes in a suite. Adobe Creative Suite is a perfect example of this. You may find that you save more in the long run by licensing a particulcar piece of software in a bundle or suite.

    Consider Cloud Software Platforms

    If you are going to be using Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace, you might not need to get word processing software and spreadsheet software for each machine. You can use Google Drive and Microsoft Office OneDrive if you have these services set up for you by TechSeek. You might also be able to utilize other software in the cloud, too.

    Software Licensing With Your Outsourced IT Support Team

    If you ever need help with setting up licenses on your machines and maintaining them, TechSeek is here to help. We can help you find the right software for your operating system and device. We can also make sure that your liceneses are adequate for your organization. TechSeek offers a business class membership that lets you use hours as you need them. Any hours that you don’t use with us will automatically roll over to the next month.