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  • Office 365 or Google Apps for Business?

    December 20, 2020

    Can’t decide whether to sign up for Office 365 or Google Apps for Business?

    We’ve completed quite a few migrations lately and we’ve found that it really depends on what devices your business uses and ultimately what your personal needs are.

    Both platforms have additional bells and whistles, but for the purpose of this article, we are just going to be looking at having your emails stored in the cloud.

    What’s the advantage of having your emails stored in the cloud?

    Basically it allows you to access not only your new emails, but all of the emails you’ve sorted into your custom created folders and sent items. In addition to this, any appointments and contacts you add to one device will be accessible from every other device that has the same mailbox setup. No need for an in-house Exchange server and therefore no need for expensive maintenance contracts or having to worry about backup.

    What’s it going to cost me?

    Currently both platforms charge around $6 per mailbox per month to host your emails, calendar entries and contacts.

    What if I want to keep using Outlook?

    If you can’t live without Outlook, we suggest using the Office 365 platform.

    In order for Google Apps to function via Outlook, you’ll need to download the Google Apps Sync software in order to sync any changes you make to contacts and appointments via Outlook.

    Will I be able to transfer all of my old emails across?

    With Google Apps, if you’re wanting to transfer all of your old emails to your new mailbox in the cloud, you’ll also need to use Google’s Migration Assistant which can be quite sluggish if there’s a lot to upload.

    Office 365 will allow you to easily import your old mailbox to your new one via Outlook without the need of additional software.

    How many mailboxes can I see at once via Outlook?

    Google Apps Sync will only allow you to setup one mailbox per Outlook profile. If your planning on managing multiple mailboxes, we suggest opting for Office 365.

    You can setup additional mailboxes for Google Apps via Outlook, but they will need to be setup as IMAP which means their calendars and contacts won’t sync.

    With Office 365, you’ll also be able to have access to multiple mailboxes at once (Outlook 2010 and newer) that will automatically sync your emails, contacts and calendar appointments. No need for additional software as both products are made by Microsoft.

    I’ve got a MAC, I don’t care about Outlook!

    If your business uses iMacs or Macbooks we recommend Google Apps. We find that OSX’s Mail and Calendar apps sync without the need for any additional software.

    Many people also are used to Google’s Gmail web interface and prefer to use this over Outlook – in this case there’s no need for integration software as there’s no need to use Outlook.


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