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  • Microsoft Office 365 Features You Should Consider

    January 15, 2022

    In 2022, organizations are starting to use Microsoft Office 365 as their choice for a premier cloud platform. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that make it an easier platform for your organization to do business. TechSeek can help your Melbourne small business set it up so that your organization can run smoothly.

    Web and Mobile Versions Of Important Apps

    The standard Microsoft battery of suites that you used on your office desktop can now be accessed on your laptop or mobile devices so that you can complete work anywhere. These apps are always updated. Additionally, there are also iOS and Android versions of these apps so that your organization can use the devices that they’d like. Web versions of Microsoft apps also make it easy for you to complete work on your laptop or computer if you are not in the office.

    Communication and Appointments

    There are standard features that you should expect, like having an email address with your company’s domain name; it’s just easier to configure with Microsoft. You also get access to a larger email inbox, in terms of storage (up to 50 GB). The calendar feature will let you collaborate with users across your organization for appointments and get reminders of when you have an upcoming event.

    Media Storage and File Sharing

    Your organization will get access to a large cloud drive space to store important files and documents securely. If you are working on a project, you can save it via cloud storage and it will give you access to the most recently updated version on all the devices that you use. You can also share files with users outside of your organization via links securely. Being able to access your files anywhere and share them with anyone securely is one of the most enticing features of Microsoft Office 365.

    Online Meetings and Communication

    Now, more than ever, being able to connect remotely is a priority. Microsoft Office 365 makes it super easy to communicate with your organization’s members and stakeholders. Whether it’s a video conference or just a quick chat, you can do this through one software platform.

    Run Your Organization More Smoothly

    Very few people know that their organization’s cloud platform can let them run their organization. For example:

    • You’ll be able to plan schedules and tasks with your team members.
    • You’ll be able to create lists and other milestones to track progress on things that matter to your team.
    • There are also features that let you collect employee and customer feedback to better your organization.
    • Instead of sending out calendar invites, you can also invite people to book, which will automatically create an appointment on your calendar.

    Peace of Mind For Your Business

    The most important thing that using Microsoft Office 365 will grant you is peace of mind for your business. You can create password policies that are enforced across your organization. You can also remove old employees who are no longer a part of the organization. Lastly, there are security programs that run in the background, that you don’t have to pay for, that keep your company safe.

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