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  • Security With Microsoft Office 365

    January 23, 2022

    There are a wide variety of concerns with older email platforms and how organizations share files. These range from removing old users from a company quickly to sharing files with members outside of your organization. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using a platform like Microsoft Office 365 through a security perspective.

    Control Access Points To Your Organization

    When you bring on new team members, there are some unique features with Microsoft Office 365 that let you control what they access. This is a feature called security groups and custom permissions. Security groups let you control access to software resources, like SharePoint. Security groups lets you delegate access with either the user or device level, giving you flexibility for what users can do within your organization.

    Custom permissions let you assign unique files to an individual, as well as software resources. This is a great feature for sensitive documents for your major stakeholders.

    Once a team member is no longer part of your organization, you can suspend their account so that they can no longer utilize their email and other company resources.

    Share Files & Documents the Right Way

    Sometimes, you might need to share a file with someone outside of your organization. Let’s say that you are an agency that works with clients. You might share some time sensitive information with that client. If for some reason, they no longer become your client, you can easily rescind their access to a linked file that you shared with them. This is one of the many benefits of Microsoft Office 365.

    Keep Your Organization Safe

    One of the biggest risks to your organization is the unseen. How often do your team members change their passwords? Are all of them enforcing two-factor authentication? Microsoft Office 365 lets your organization do this uniformly. Here are some examples of how Microsoft Office 365 makes your organization’s IT infrastructure more secure:

    • Create password rules that make your team members change their passwords at preset intervals.
    • Protect your email and infrastructure against malware, viruses, and other unforeseen threats.
    • Make your business compliant with more than 1,000 privacy and security controls.

    Peace of Mind With TechSeek

    If you are looking for a better, more secure solution for your business, consider TechSeek. We can help you with your organization’s transition to Microsoft Office 365.