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  • Networks for Small Businesses

    May 15, 2021

    Networks are the backbones of small businesses. There are a wide variety of components that you will need to support your business’s infrastructure. TechSeek will help you support your network’s business needs. For your small business, to set up a network, you will require a modem, router, firewall, switch, LAN cable, access points, repeaters and patch panels. TechSeek will help you set up your network hardware and make sure that your business is always up and running with all the support that you need.

    What Considerations Go Into Setting Up a Small Business Network?

    One of the things that goes into a small business network design is the number of devices that are being utilized on the network. This includes computers, smartphones, VOIP phone services, and virtually anything that you connect to the network to support your business. If the number of devices that you will be using is greater than 20, then you will need higher-powered equipment.

    If your business is located in an area where there is a high level of interference, special routers will be needed to help mitigate this interference. For example, TechSeek can help you set up a dual-band router that will mitigate interference. By conserving the 5G network for devices such as laptops, you’ll notice a difference in speed and performance, but without the interference.

    Other Areas Where TechSeek Can Help With Networks

    Over time, TechSeek can help you with multiple aspects of support for your network as part of your business class membership. This includes slow internet speeds, WiFi issues, and security issues. By monitoring the number of devices on your network and which specific bands those use TechSeek can help make your network a little bit faster.

    Data backups are another critical part of a good network, depending upon the size of your business. If you need to restore data across your network quickly, TechSeek can help you save the time and effort of having to recreate work if you have no backup infrastructure in place for your server.

    Additionally, we can help you set up extended security so that your team members and business are protected.

    Setting Up a Security for Your Small Business Network

    Another thing to consider is whether or not your network will need a firewall or not. Even though your computers have a built-in firewall, networks are targets for cyber attacks. We can help you set up a dedicated firewall that gives your network an additional layer of protection for your business. Other security features that we can set up for you include VPN, remote access, and web filtering.

    The Benefits of a Business-Class Membership

    In addition to helping you with your small business network, we also offer world-class support. In the rare event that you do experience issues, one of our team members will help you get your connection back online so that you experience minimal downtime. Also, any of your unused hours automatically roll over into the next month.