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  • Migration to Office 365 (and why coffee almost derailed this client’s business)

    August 30, 2022

    Migration to Office 365 (and why coffee almost derailed this client’s business)

    Did you know that coffee has been found as the number one killer for IT professionals.

    Recently, we helped a client setup a new laptop.

    He had a cheap and nasty email setup with all of his files and company data stored locally on his laptop.

    As part of our overall approach to delivering outstanding customer service, we ensured that we created a backup of all the email, contacts and calendar appointments.

    After the transfer was completed, we recommended that he move to using Office 365 online so that his emails, contacts and calendar appointments could synced and stored online.

    As part of this arrangement, we setup SharePoint.

    This enabled him to collaborate with staff and simultaneously store his important company data at a centralised cloud storage.

    Exactly one week later the new computer we’d installed refused to turn on!

    Maybe the computer was faulty, or maybe it was the cup of coffee he spilled on the computer that caused this.

    We’ll never know.

    But here’s what we do know!

    If we hadn’t backed up his data to the cloud and delivered a computer agnostic solution that could instantly have him up and running, we’d still be trying to recover his precious data today.

    Because we had the data backed up to the cloud, we were able to get him up and running within minutes.

    Lessons our client learned from this migration-experience story:

    • Coffee can be fatal to businesses with no cloud-based backups
    • There are a whole lot of other similar unforeseen events just like that which could happen
    • Hiring Techseek is one way to ensure you don’t end up as a victim of unexpected circumstance.
    • Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late. But at Techseek we can prevent these things from happening because we’ve been doing this for 16 years!

    Our support memberships start from just $160 per month and includes access to crucial advice that can help you keep data safe from any prying eyes or coffee beans.

    There are many overall benefits to having an office 365 cloud-based solution (we’ll explore these in detail further in this post):

    • Your staff can work from home without missing a beat giving them (and you) more flexibility and saving time in commuting and potentially costs in office equipment if you hot desk
    • Cloud-computing has been globally adopted and it’s here to stay. The covid-19 pandemic accelerated and already existing trend toward remote working and embracing Office 365 early puts you on the forefront of that trend
    • Switching to Office 365 dramatically improves collaboration and productivity because if ease of communication and the capacity to manage data across various devices (also referred to as continuity)
    • Speaking of continuity cloud-based computing delivers in-built data protection and off-site data backups. All you need is an internet connection and you’re up and running!


    The main question here is why not do the migration yourself? Why hire experts like us?


    In short: you pay for most things with time or with money.

    We’ve done hundreds of these over the last 16 years and have learnt thousands of lessons around what to do and what not to do.

    By hiring us you benefit from experts who’ve got the benefit of hindsight and years of experience. You’re paying for a smooth and pain-free transition to the cloud.

    We take responsibility for the migration and all you need to do is show up on the day when everything is ready.

    Contrast this with doing it yourself: You might end up making tens or hundreds of little mistakes that’ll slow your migration down and most likely hurt your business’ productivity.

    This could cost you thousands if not millions in lost productivity and/or business.

    Your employees could leave in frustration due to unforeseen challenges caused by the migration — all of which could have been anticipated and avoided by an expert business like ours.

    You’d need to figure out the different kinds of migrations there are which is a science unto itself.

    For instance, did you know there are different kinds of migrations:

    • Staged Migration
    • Cutover Migration
    • Hybrid Migration
    • IMAP Migration

    Here are the major benefits of migrating to Office 365/Microsoft 365:

    End-user productivity

    • Access applications remotely from any device to work anywhere and swap between desktop and mobile apps.
    • Easier (mobile) team meetings.
    • You can work offline, and files sync when you reconnect.
    • OneDrive for Business allows real-time collaboration, updating a single file rather than emailing new versions.
    • Cloud-based Office programmes include Planner, Editor, Forms, and Power BI.
    • These linked tools enhance productivity while lowering shadow IT; you can keep more content within the Microsoft ecosystem.
    • Cloud access to email, files, and applications ensures business continuity if physical devices fail.

    Security and compliance

    • Prevention, detection, and repair can improve security.
    • You can restrict open Wi-Fi networks and set expiration dates for external links.
    • You can remotely delete lost or stolen devices and encrypt data at rest and in transit.
    • The default security settings allow you to simply impose multifactor authentication (MFA), which requires users to validate sign-in attempts via extra verification methods
    • Labels can be assigned to persons, groups, or material to prevent data loss.
    • To ensure compliance and protect confidential information, email forwarding, printing, and copying and pasting might be banned. Global data centers offer multi-geo data residency.

    Scalability and cost-efficiency

    • Migrating to Office 365/Microsoft 365 eliminates the need for continued maintenance, because legacy systems demand specialized knowledge that is becoming harder to find.
    • Office 365 subscriptions offer scalability and cost certainty. You can design plans to ensure each group gets the proper workload for their tasks.
    • You can add or remove licenses instantly, which is useful for rapid expansion or seasonal swings.
    • As Microsoft removes support for outdated Exchange servers, most enterprises will switch to the cloud.
    • Since Office 365 offers nearly unlimited storage, it’s now economically possible to ‘bring your data home’ to Microsoft.


    But like I said earlier, you pay for most things with money or with time. And with Office 365 you do pay a price, but your return on investment is high.

    And that’s an important point to note. It’s more expensive to pay a low cost e.g. $200 for a return of $100 than it is to pay $2000 for a return of $500,000.

    The latter represents great ROI.

    Not to mention that a faulty migration can derail your business while also posing long-term operational risks.

    You believe or not, It can be suicidal to carry out a migration without governance, security, audits, a productivity plan, and licence management.

    Our Managed Migration services take care of all the challenges that organizations may face when migrating to Office 365.

    Migration is all about understanding the big picture and taking care of nuances well ahead of time and avoiding hidden pitfalls.