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  • Is your business ready for lockdown?

    December 20, 2020

    As most of you know it’s been announced that it’s not a case of IF but WHEN we’ll be put into lockdown.

    What can you do to keep things running at your business?

    Make a list of everything you’ll need to keep you running remotely.

    Ask yourself;

    • Is your software cloud based?
    • Are your files accessible via cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox?
    • If your files are on a server, can they be moved to cloud storage or a NAS with remote access?
    • Should you setup remote access to your in-house server?
    • Should you setup remote access for staff to access their individual PCs?
    • Are you using hosted email like Office 365 or G Suite where you’ll have access to and be able to sync not only your emails but your contacts and calendars across all of your devices?
    • Do you have a VoIP phone system and will it work connected to your internet at home so that you can still receive and make phone calls using your business’ landline number?

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