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  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

    December 20, 2020

    So you walk in to work to find this!

    Your computer won’t boot into Windows.

    What are you going to do?

    Most of us have NO disaster recovery plan in place.

    How can you reduce your down time?

    Simply imagining this could happen is the best way to start.

    Do you have a tech that you rely on – have his number listed.

    Store all of the software CDs related to your PC in the one place and label them.

    Keep a list of all the passwords required to access the websites and applications that you’ll need to access elsewhere (that’s right, don’t just keep it just on your PC!)

    Most people have no idea what their email password is because it’s saved in Outlook and they’ve only entered it when first setting it up.

    Which of you software is cloud based?

    Which isn’t and if not, what steps can you take to make it accessible from another PC in case yours fails?

    What about backup? What exactly is being backed up and where?

    Is it easily accessible or must be restored?

    What are the files you’d need the most access to in order to get through your day whilst your PC is being repaired?