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  • Do I really need a disaster recovery plan?

    September 6, 2022

    Every small business should have a disaster recovery plan.

    But I don’t need one, right?

    Consider this..

    It’s 8:45am and potential client is on their way to your office for a 9:00am meeting.

    Access to the server has gone down, the phones are dead and there’s no internet!

    What do you do?

    Who do you need to call?

    You can’t afford to lose this client and your presentation is saved on the server!

    It’s going to be a long day of rescheduling and catching – if and when everything starts working again!

    IT can be frustrating and unpredictable, so what can you do to take back control?

    To get your business up and running as smoothly and as quickly as possible, you should ask yourself the following:


    Who do I call?

    1. Do I have a regular tech that I use?
    2. Do I have their contact details on hand?
    3. Is everything supported by the one company do I have software and or hardware that has its own support team?


    What software do I need access to?

    1. Is it cloud based? Can I access it from another device if my PC was to fail?
    2. Do I have the installation media for software, should it need to be reinstalled?
    3. Do I have the license keys or login credentials saved for any software that will need to be re-downloaded and installed.


    What credentials do I need access to?

    1. Do I have the login credentials in order to re-setup or access my emails?
    2. Do I have the login credentials to access my cloud-based software?
    3. Do I have the login credentials for an online password vault?


    How will I restore access to my WiFi and Photocopier?

    1. Do I have the login IP and credentials for my router?
    2. Do I know the IP address and credentials to access my printer’s configuration page?


    What, when and where have I backed up my data?

    1. What files and folders were included in my backup schedule?
    2. When was my last successful backup completed?
    3. Are my backup files stored locally on in the cloud?
    4. What are the credentials required to access my backup?


    Book a consultation to discuss your disaster recovery plan on 1300 711 841!


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