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  • Do i need to upgrade to Windows 10?

    December 20, 2020

    Many clients have called us with their concerns of the Windows 7 end of support messages they’ve seen on their screens.

    Microsoft has been very active lately in trying to get consumers to move to Windows 10.

    Do you need to upgrade?

    The answer is yes and no.

    Here’s some things to consider –

    What are the programs you currently rely on to run your business and should you upgrade, will they be compatible with Windows 10?

    – Give the software vendors a call and find out whether your currently installed version of Quickbooks, MYOB, LEAP, Smokeball, etc will still work when you upgrade to Windows 10.
    If you remain on Windows 7, will you still have third party software support?Some software vendors have advised their customers that they will no longer provide them with support if they’re using their software on a Windows 7 machine.

    – Again, give those vendors and call and ensure that they will still provide support should you remain on Windows 7.

    Are you storing confidential client data on your PCs like patient history and credit cards?

    If you’re in the medical profession for example, you may want to check on whether your insurance would cover you should your data become stolen or compromised.

    Microsoft is basically saying that if they no longer release updates, you’re PC is more likely to be compromised.

    Yes this may be true but you also need to consider that if you have adequate internet security that you’re less likely to be infected with a virus or malware.

    Talk to us about protecting your PCs with Kaspersky Total Security if you haven’t already – contact us for pricing on our 3 device licenses.

    What else can I do to protect my Windows 7 PC if i want to keep it as is?

    Make sure you’re using a third-party web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome – third-party browsers will continue to offer updates to their software, as opposed to Microsoft’s in-built “Internet Explorer” which will no longer have access to security updates.

    Make sure you’re restricting users from having “Administrator” user accounts as this will prevent them from installing software without a Administrator Account password.

    What about my server?

    Many companies are still using extremely old server operating systems – there’s no longer any support from Microsoft in terms of updates or technical support and there are very few anti-virus software solutions (if any) that will install on those versions.

    Have they been compromised as a result of not upgrading?

    To my knowledge no, however it all depends on what your storing on that server and how much it would impact your business if it were to be hacked or infected with a virus.

    – Again, have a look at what you’re actually using that server for – are their cloud based alternatives that have better security?

    We have very few clients still running a server, mainly because a lot of applications now no longer rely on a server because they are cloud based.

    Multi-user accessible storage can also be cloud based with applications like Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

    Servers are also no longer being used to host your email as providers like Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite platforms are removing the need for in house email management.

    Should I upgrade or just buy a new computer?

    I’d say if the machine is over 5 years old then purchasing a new PC would be best – our packages currently start at $1495, include a 24″ screen and a custom PC built with Windows 10 Home.