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  • Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

    May 20, 2021

    There are many reasons that you might want to outsource your IT support. These reasons range from the overhead of having someone in your company handle your technology and infrastructure to making sure that your company, no matter how small or large, is 100% compliant.

    Eliminate the Hassle

    Working with TechSeek under our business class membership means that your company won’t be hampered by a computer or network crash. We go beyond fixing and repairing the issue. Our superior IT support team can optimise your computer hardware and network systems so that everything will be smooth and efficient. We can also recommend the best security software to keep your company’s vital data safe. Working with us will eliminate your downtime potentially altogether. Depending upon the size of your company, an hour of downtime could cost you as much as $8,000 if you are a small business. For larger companies, downtime can potentially cost as much as $11,600 per minute.

    Offering Better IT Solutions

    One of the things that TechSeek offers is migration to Google Work and Microsoft Office 365 for your email solutions. This is a better setup for most businesses than legacy email platforms and lets your employees communicate more efficiently and also makes it easier for roles to be assigned within your company electronically. Other areas where TechSeek can help you include:

    • Optimising your existing network so that you can use devices with less interference.
    • Making sure that your security software is set up right for your organisation.
    • Making sure that your licenses and software are optimised across your organisation, not only for the right team members but also for cost.
    • Ensuring that your computer hardware is up to date to run new required software.

    Reducing Your Monthly Overhead

    Our Business Class Membership plan is truly world class. We can easily handle all of your needs starting at one low monthly price. In addition, your unused hours roll onto the next month. Hiring someone internally will cost more money and working with TechSeek will make sure that a person in your company doesn’t have to bear that responsibility by fulfilling different roles.

    Better Ways To Communicate

    Our team can also identify better ways for your organisation to communicate with customers. If phone calls are a way that your company communicates with customers, we can easily recommend VoIP as a possible solution for improving your communication with customers. Additionally, we can also recommend other ways to improve your support with clientele, helping you increase productivity.

    Helping With Your Organisation’s Security

    Viruses and malware are problematic for businesses of any size. More than 350,000 new viruses and malware are discovered every day. We can make sure that your hardware is secure with the most up to date antivirus software. Additionally, we can also make sure that your network has a firewall enabled. This will protect your network from denial of service attacks and other security threats.

    Having a good network firewall in place and the best security possible will mitigate risk to your company. On average, in many data breach situations, the average data breach will cost an organisation about $150 per record.

    Immediately Available Expert-Level Support

    For many businesses, time is more important than money in some cases. IT problems can hinder productivity. In the worst case scenario, it can stall projects. If you have an IT issue, your business will have to spend time and money solving it. With outsourced IT support, TechSeek will fix the problem for you. You won’t have employees waiting to get back on their project, and in some cases, your TechSeek expert will be able to solve your problem and get your business back on track in minutes.

    We Can Help You Scale Your Business

    As your business grows, you will need more infrastructure to support your employees’ needs. Our Business Class Membership helps your organisation grow. When you hire new team members, we can help you set them up with the right software licenses based upon their role within the organisation. This type of support is particularly important when you are a new business or you are in a period of significant growth.

    Computer Repairs and Upgrades

    Your employee hardware is probably the most important technology asset in your company. Computers allow your employees to get work done. TechSeek offers both support for PC and Macintosh computers. This type of support is not found with many other IT support companies. Some of these services include:

    • Making sure that your operating system is up to date.
    • Upgrading RAM and storage to make sure that your machine is operating correctly and can handle the latest software.
    • Make sure that drivers for things like scanners and printers are set up correctly on your machine.
    • Helping you make sure that your machine is optimised correctly for apps like Zoom, Slack, and other critical technologies that are essential for getting work done.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Many small businesses simply do not have this critical support piece in place. According to some research, about .93% of hard drives failed in 2020. TechSeek can help you have an on-site storage solution or position you with an option with cloud storage. Other research suggests that 96% of organisations experience some sort of outage over a three-year period that resulted in some loss of data.

    Work With Australia’s Best IT Support Company

    TechSeek is your partner for all of your small business IT support needs. We have a unique Business Class Membership. Many of our services can be tried as one-offs if you are considering working with us.