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  • 4 Reasons why your business needs IT support?

    August 8, 2022

    Imagine this.

    It’s 10 am on a Monday morning and your team is working furiously on clearing the backlog of customer requests from the weekend.

    They’re used to the all hands-on deck sprint that’s typical of Monday mornings.

    Everyone’s firing on all cylinders …

    … and then it happens … again!

    The server goes down and everyone screeches to a grinding halt!

    The team’s frustrated and demoralised. They know they won’t be going home on time tonight … again!

    And you’re sweating bullets because you know what this means for your business’ bottom line.

    If you’re a business owner, and this hasn’t happened to you yet, then you’ve been extremely lucky … so far!

    But odds are it’s going to happen to you …

    … real soon!

    It’s inevitable.

    Having reliable IT support is often seen as a lower priority because it’s seen as a “nice to have” when revenues are healthy and there’s a bit extra to go around.

    But business owners almost never account for the hidden cost of downtime when the business can’t function because one or more computers on the network is on the blink.

    The problem is that most businesses see IT support as a burden. A dispensable cost.

    At, we see it differently.

    We see your IT service as a tool for your empowerment. 

    When your server goes down, or you suspect you’ve got a virus on your computer, you need someone you can trust.

    Someone dependable.



    Someone who’s seen (and solved) that exact problem hundreds of times across different organisations in different environments on all sorts of networks and platforms.

    That kind of experience is almost impossible to come by in-house unless you’re turning over tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue.

    Statistics indicate that over 80% of Australia’s biggest enterprises use outsourced IT support

    teams for all their IT requirements.

    An IT team monitoring your company’s network significantly reduces the risk of undesirable outcomes (more on this shortly).

    And a well-trained team of IT specialists can help you get back on track without impacting your existing staff’s workflow.

    An external IT support service can help you secure your clients’ data and ensure you’re not in breach of data compliance and privacy laws.


    Here are 4 reasons a reliable managed IT service provider like us is essential to your business’ success:


    1. Boosts your overall productivity

    It is impossible to deal with every issue as a business owner in most businesses.

    If you are not technically savvy (as is the case with a high proportion of businesses), your entire business may suffer when something goes wrong.

    IT pros can swiftly and efficiently repair faulty peripherals, diagnose software, and get you back up and running in no time.

    They can also recommend upgrades to existing processes and hardware that you may not be aware of and therefore deliver an instant productivity boost which will deliver profits that you’ve been leaving on the table.


    2. It saves your company money and time.

    Poor IT support represents an operational risk to a business.

    Instead of risking the massive hidden costs of poor infrastructure, save money by outsourcing your IT to a reliable provider.

    Rather than look at the cost of hiring an IT support team, we recommend considering the cost of NOT hiring one.

    The return on your investment in an IT support team that’s ready to jump in and keep the wheels turning across your networks, platforms, and your desktop and mobile devices, without missing a beat is indisputable.


    3. Customer service is ensured and drives your business forward

    Let’s face it.

    Great customer service is at the heart of any self-respecting business.

    You’ve got to be on the ball and provide A-level customer support if you’re going to make it over the long-term.

    Unanticipated downtime can wreak havoc on your customer service because it disrupts your team, destroys valuable momentum, and damages morale.

    Show me a business in today’s world that delivers outstanding customer service with a substandard network, poor email, or an unresponsive website and I’ll show you a unicorn (that won’t last much longer)


    4. Data and privacy compliance

    What happens if your systems are hacked, and your customer’s data is leaked online? Who’s responsible?

    The answer probably is “it depends” but I can assure you that you as the business owner are going to be scrutinised and questioned around the efforts you made to minimise the risk of the data breach.

    Having an IT professional maintain a secure database that has off site backups and state- of-the-art security is a must have.

    Nothing beats having a safe and secure network to assist you in providing secure transactions to your customers and peace of mind to you and your team.

    IT professionals who have worked across hundreds of businesses can evaluate your present cybersecurity and hardware security and recommend adjustments to improve its functionality.


    In Conclusion

    Having a competent and reliable IT support team at your beck and call is not a nice to have … it’s a must have in today’s world.

    The cost of hiring an IT support team often seems expensive … until … you’re the victim of a data breach or a system shut down and then the hidden cost of downtime tells you a painfully different story.

    A story you don’t want to hear.


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