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  • 3 Major IT Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How to Avoid Them)

    June 23, 2022

    When operating a small business, you may often feel like you’re being inundated by lots of different challenges. From budget to staffing to sales and client relations, it can quickly become overwhelming.

    This is why many businesses neglect one of the most critical areas of their business: IT. With issues related to your tech, you could see consequences across your operations.

    This post outlines three of the most common and potentially disastrous IT mistakes made by small businesses. Use this list to get the ball rolling on your security and IT support before you suffer some sort of emergency crisis.

    1. Improperly or Irregularly Backing Up Company Data

    Regularly backing your data up is crucial to your business operations. All it takes is one mishap for your information to disappear.

    Even just one lost day of productivity could lead to significant losses. Imagine if you had just finished a critical document and an overnight data loss erased it?

    Despite these risks, and even though we all know regular backups are so important, many small business owners still don’t include it in their daily plans!

    It can be easy to skip a day or fail to notice something is wrong with your backups. Again though, this oversight could cost you dearly.

    How to Avoid this Mistake

    • Schedule Backups and Check Functionality: Scheduling automatic backing up of your information can keep you from forgetting to do it as a daily task. Make sure to regularly check your backup system to confirm it is preserving your data.
    • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Onsite data backup is not enough. Data redundancy is most secure when you have both onsite and offsite backups. Always include cloud-based data backups in your plans.

    2. Delaying or Failing to Update Software

    Most people see the icons asking you to update your software or OS, and they choose to ignore them. In fairness, it seems like these nagging messages come at the most inopportune moments. However, continuing to ignore them over time can quickly turn into a major problem.

    These sorts of updates are usually patches, and they do exactly what a patch does – cover some hole in security or other vulnerability. One study from Cybersecurity Alliance’s Behaviours and Attitudes claims that up to a third of people don’t regularly update their software. But clicking away or constantly pressing ‘remind me later’ can lead to large gaps in security and greater vulnerability.

    How to Avoid this Mistake

    The obvious answer is the simplest solution here. Make sure to update your software and OS regularly.

    Most programs today allow you to schedule updates for particular times. This could be when you close a browser, when you close down a system, or even at a particular time during non-business hours.

    Automating updates and rolling them out regularly will prevent security risks from emerging. It will also stop random and annoying nag messages from slowing your business down.

    3. Not Seeking Out Small Business IT Support

    Perhaps most important, small businesses need to get help where they need it. If you lack the knowledge of how a vehicle works and you experience an issue, you would take that vehicle to a motor mechanic. Why wouldn’t you consider your IT support and security in the same way?

    Tech Seek offers clients a wide range of small business IT support services. From data security and backups to help with software updates and Microsoft 365 migration, we help small businesses sort out their IT and computer problems.

    How to Avoid this Mistake

    Avoiding a knowledge gap in your IT is easily solved. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a free IT audit for your business. We’ll help connect you to all the IT support and services you need to keep your business thriving.