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  • 10 Ways To Set Up Your Team For Success During the Lockdown

    August 26, 2021

    It’s been a strange year or so, and many businesses have needed to adapt fast. To ensure the success of your remote teams, you’ll need access to the right IT support. Focusing on these ten areas will help you to empower your employees and keep on growing as a business.

    1 . Mac Support

    When your team is working from home you’ll need to ensure that their hardware is working as it should be. If your team is working with Mac computers, they’ll need maintenance support from time to time.

    You’ll need to ensure that your Mac computers are running the latest version of Mac OCx, and that storage and RAM are reliable. Maintenance support is essential to protect your investment and increase the lifespan of your hardware. It’s important to ensure that your computers are running efficiently, and fast. TechSeek offers Mac support in the following ways:

    • One-off Mac repairs.
    • A membership that includes long-term support with all your Mac issues.
    • A free quote to assess your needs and provide a Mac support roadmap, tailored to your business needs.
    • Software issues.
    • Troubleshooting for unresponsive apps.
    1. Virus & Malware

    Malware and viruses are malicious computer programs, the programs may attempt to steal data, mine info, or control the device to launch a DOS attack. Malware and cyberattacks are a huge threat to remote teams. According to IT Brief, ‘The COVID-19 crisis saw a surge in cybercrimes, with online scams increasing by over 400% in March 2020 compared with previous months.’ TechSeek provides malware and virus removal to help you protect your tech infrastructures and data. If one of your devices is infected with spyware, crashing, or not working as it should, we can help to get to the route of the issue. TechSeek can offer network support and cyber security protection to safeguard your business.

    1. VPNs 

    VPN means ‘Virtual Private Network.’ with the help of a VPN users can hide their online identity, and encrypt their internet traffic. The result is that it’s harder for third parties to steal data, or monitor your online activities. TechSeek can provide your teams with secure VPNs and network support, helping you to access the following benefits:

    • A secure encrypted network.
    • The ability to hide your whereabouts.
    • Easily access regional content.
    • Improved security protection.
    1. Data Backup & Recovery

    Data backup and recovery are important parts of running a successful business. Organisations need to put backups in place, should the worst happen. TechSeek can help your business to put the right precautions in place, to prevent data loss. You’ll need separate drives or an offsite server to store your info and data. Data recovery is impossible unless you have the correct measures in place.

    1. Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite Migration

    To help your remote teams succeed you’ll need to migrate to a modern platform. There are plenty of reasons why you should migrate to Google Workplace or Microsoft Office 365.

    • Enable your teams to work on their tablets and smartphones, as well as on their devices.
    • With Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workplace you can access a team member’s calendar and email from any device.
    • It’s simple to upgrade a team member’s computer, regardless of the device they are using.
    • You can use software freely, with no need to upgrade.
    • When you deploy these platforms you’ll improve collaboration.
    1. Security 

    TechSeek doesn’t just offer support with viruses and malware, we can troubleshoot any security issues that you’re facing. When your teams are working from home you’ll need an authentication process to ensure that the right people are accessing your network. Most organisations use multi-factor authentication which includes a strong password, an alphanumeric code by SMS, and sometimes, biometric testing. To improve your security measures you’ll need a combination of network support, software and systems.

    1. Internet & Network Setup

    All businesses need a high-speed internet connection to perform their daily operations. An IT network allows you to access shared files and docs, as well as the internet. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ network, which is why TechSeek works with your organisation to identify your business needs. TechSeek can help you to consider:

    • How your company might expand in the future.
    • Which devices you’ll be connecting to.
    • The connection speed you require.
    • The choice between a wireless or wired connection.
    1. Device Troubleshooting

    If you want to succeed while working at home you’ll need to ensure that your devices work correctly. At TechSeek we don’t just offer support for Mac computers, we also provide PC repairs and maintenance. Our team can offer the following support:

    • One-off PC repairs.
    • A long-term membership for ongoing PC support.
    • We offer a free consultation to determine your needs and create a tailor-made package.
    1. Improved Communication

    To ensure the success of your remote teams you’ll need a solid communication strategy. Several useful software tools can help you to communicate and collaborate. You’ll want to get the best video conferencing software and a project management suite. Tools like Zoho Cliq can empower your teams with features like real-time messaging, video and audio calls, task bots, notification feeds, file sharing, and more. You’ll also need to set out a clear communications policy to establish:

    • How and when your teams will communicate.
    • How often there will be 1:1 meetings.
    • How often there will be team meetings.
    • Which comms channels you’ll use depending on the task.
    1. Productivity Tools 

    Productivity can be a challenge when you’re working remotely, but there are plenty of productivity tools that you can use. With apps like Toggl, you can monitor how much time you are spending on each task, and access useful productivity charts. There are many other ways that you can boost productivity including:

    • Use employee recognition software to motivate your teams.
    • Check-in regularly to track progress.
    • Work on improving your company culture ongoing.
    • Ask your teams for feedback and utilize that feedback.
    • Offer working from home tips.

    TechSeek Network Support & Services

    For more information about IT support, contact us at TechSeek. Our talented staff can help you to determine your technology needs, and support your business ongoing. We offer a wide range of network support services, Mac and PC repairs, and data recovery. At TechSeek we can help you to improve your IT infrastructures and your security.

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